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Some of the Volunteer Projects That You Can Undertake in India

India is among the most beautiful countries in the universe which boasts of wealthy cultural heritage and spectacular geographical features.Read more about volunteer at Volunteer in India . It is also necessary that it comes to your attention that it is one of the countries with the largest population in the world. It concerns that apart from the rich cultural heritage and the kind of geographical aspects in the country; it continues to linger in poverty where more than 70 % of their population live in acute poverty. You should ensure that you consider engaging in some of the volunteer programs in the country so that you can help the people who are less fortunate in the community. The article will look at some of the volunteer projects that you can undertake in India.

You can take part in the community development program which is in Kolkata which is found on the Eastern side of India. It is at this place where the famous mother of charity who is known as Mother Teresa spent her life.Read more about volunteer at Volunteering in India . It will thus give you the chance to bring continuity to the good works that mother Teresa established in this area as well have the opportunity to interact with the rich culture of the people from this place.

Many physically challenged children do exist, and thus you can decide to volunteer to help them access the basic needs. You can even assist them to have better education facilities so that they can have an equal opportunity to gain knowledge like the rest of the children in India. You can also engage other persons in lessons that will help them to appreciate that persons are living with disability among them in the society.

Statistics have shown that a significant population in India cannot get access to health care which causes them much suffering when they are ailing. You can decide to become a volunteer health expert in India. It will provide with work experience, and at the end of the program, you will get a certificate showing that you worked for some time in India. It is thus something that will help you to shape your CV placing you in a better place in the job market.

When the other countries have buried the problem of gender inequality, India is struggling with this issue where women are considered inferior to men. You can get involved in projects that will help to empower the females in India so that they can be dependent on themselves. You should make sure that you participate in educating the ladies so that they can be in a better position to get jobs.

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